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Caminho do Este de Portugal (Tavira - Santiago de Compostela)

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This Caminho is for pilgrims on foot,by bicycle,on horseback,by motorcycle or by car.

Bom Caminho!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Estremoz, Cidade branca e amuralhada.

Approached from the south, the old town appears perched on a hill overlooking the bright whitewashed houses of the modern town below. Estremoz, standing in a region of marble quarries, is a pleasant city, still possessing its 17th Century ramparts and dominated by its medieval castle. It is, and has been since the 16th Century, a well-known centre for Alentejo pottery which can be seen picturesquely displayed on the Rossio (main square) on market days (Saturdays). Estremoz is dominated by the hilltop keep of its royal palace, rebuilt by Joao V after an explosion in 1698. Isabel, the "Rainha Santa", wife of Dom Dinis, died in the former palace in 1336. The Count of Ourém, while entertained here in 1380 when finalizing secret negotiations between Richard II and Dom Fernando, contrived to make Dona Leonor, Fernando´s not-so-saintly queen, pregnant. ------------------------------------------------------------ **STATUE OF QUEEN SAINT ELIZABETH OF PORTUGAL** Statue dedicated to Elizabeth of Aragon, wife of King Dom Dinis, to whom various miracles are attributed. //12.11.2016.// ------------------------------------------------------------


  1. Estremoz itself is one of the most rewarding and atmospheric towns to visit in the Alentejo.
    It has plenty of Royal Connections and was the focus of several decisive military campaigns against the Spanish.
    Best place to start is the Rossio, the central square. There is a traditional market here every Saturday, which is a great place to buy the typical red Estremoz Pottery or hand-painted Ceramics at reasonable prices.
    The Tourist Office is on the south side of the square next to the Town Hall. Take a look inside the latter (it was a convent in the 17th Century) and admire the fine Azulejos which run up the staircase.
    For a close encounter with Alentejo Farmers, pop into Café Alentejano, full of old-timers in flat hats discussing the weather and the price of feed.
    At the bar, pride of place is taken by a whole roast suckling pig destined to be carved into Bifanas - hot pork rolls.
    Café Alentejano, 00351 268 337 300, Posto de Turismo de Estremoz, Sra. Leopoldina, 00351 268 339 227. Bom Caminho.

  2. Estremoz, Military Matters.
    Estremoz has a special place in Portuguese hearts as local soldiers won two decisive victories against much larger Spanish forces.
    In 1659 a small force from Estremoz (8000 infantry and 2500 cavalry) marched to Elvas which was besieged by a huge army of Castilians - 33,000 foot soldiers and 6500 cavalry. The Spanish fled the field leaving 10,000 dead while the Portuguese suffered only 800 casualties.
    In 1665 Portuguese troops left Estremoz to resque the besieged Vila Vicosa. They met halfway at Monte Claros; the Spanish cavalry failed to penetrate the Portuguese artillery and were routed in a single cavalry charge where 10,000 men were killed or taken prisoner.
    Portugal´s Independence had been assured.
    Câmara Municipal de Estremoz, 00351 268 339 200, Posto GNR Estremoz, 00351 268 322 804, Bombeiros Voluntários de Estremoz, 00351 268 337 360.
    Bom Caminho.

  3. Baesuris History CuttingsDecember 3, 2014 at 11:36 PM

    Estremoz, Isabel's Miraculous Apron. The wife of Dom Dinis, Queen Isabel, was deeply touched by the plight of the poor and used to distribute food to needy families.
    She was later canonized for her good works.
    Dom Dinis ordered her to cut back on her charity work but she continued in secret.
    One day the king caught her hurrying from the palace with a bundle wrapped in her apron.
    He asked her to reveal the contents - but the bread had miraculously turned into roses.
    This charming legend is depicted by the statue within the walls of Estremoz's castle.
    Pousada Rainha Santa Isabel Estremoz,00351 268 332 075, Tourist Office Estremoz, Mrs.Leopoldina, 00351 268 339 227.
    Bom Caminho.