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Caminho do Este de Portugal (Tavira - Santiago de Compostela)

Tavira-Baesuris-Alcoutim-Mértola-Serpa-Moura-Monsaraz-Estremoz-Fronteira-Crato-Nisa-Castelo Branco-Castelo Rodrigo-Mirandela-Chaves-Verín-Ourense-Cea-Estación de Lalin-Puente Ulla-Santiago de Compostela.

This Caminho is for pilgrims on foot,by bicycle,on horseback,by motorcycle or by car.

Bom Caminho!

Monday, October 12, 2015

April 2016, Stage 4 Alcoutim to Mértola, the First really long one, 36,9 km.

STAGE 4(maybe in future 4 and 5,?), distance now 36,9 km. Pousada de Juventude Alcoutim, tel. 00351 281 546 004, 10%. *Leaving Pousada de Juventude in Alcoutim to the left, direction Mértola, at stop(after about 800m)right uphill EM507. After about 5km following EM507 small village right with Café-Minimarket in Cortes Pereiras "Café O Tempero" tel.00351 281 546 123, continue direction N122, direction Mértola - Santa Marta. At Stop N122 go right. From stop after 1 km by N122(km 76), Santa Marta on your right, Centro Cultural Recreativo open after 4.00 p.m., Busstop at corner(Barreiro). Continue following N122 direction Mértola, crossing Bridge entering Alentejo Province uphill. Be careful with traffic and change side of road before and after bends to always face upcoming traffic.
Near km 71-70 right into the small village of Sedas, walk uphill by Escola Primária, see SANTIAGO above the entrance, and continue following direction N122-Mértola, hold left until Stop N122. Go right N122 until Espírito Santo km 65, 2 traffic lights. At first traffic light Café Valadas, Sra. Andreia Passos, tel.00351 925 876 317, food and drinks, also "sopa, bifanas e sandes", please order food 1 day before. After first Café, Café Casa Verde for sandwiches and drinks with the friendly Lady, shady terrace and toilets. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Near the second traffic lights the Office of Junta de Freguesia de Espírito Santo, Sra. Maria, tel. 00351 286 675 250, maybe here you can inform about shelter for the night if necessary. Do not forget Donativo! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do not forget to go and see the beautiful Church/Igreja in Espírito Santo, and continue following direction Mértola.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- At km 60 we reach Álamo, near traffic lights on the left side Café-Terrace(break), and from here it is about 8km more before you reach Mértola, behind the Bridge over Rio Oeiras you can go to Bombeiros Voluntarios for shelter ask Sra.Valentina, do not forget Donativo!, Bombeiros Mértola 00351 286 610 010. / GNR(Gendarmerie) Posto Mértola tel. 00351 286 612 127. / Turismo Mértola tel. 00351 286 610 109, Email: / Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Assuncao(former mosque), Fábrica da Igreja Paroquial da Freguesia de Mértola, tel. 00351 960 161 152 / 00351 969 770 766.

March 2016, Saint James's Cycling Road through Eastern Portugal from Tavira to Santiago de Compostela.

SAINT JAMES'S CYCLING ROAD THROUGH EASTERN PORTUGAL STARTING FROM TAVIRA/ALGARVE, FOR ROADBICYCLES. Sagres - VRSA 173 km following N125, Prologue 1, Sagres - Lagos - Portimao about 50km, Prologue 2, Portimao - Albufeira - Faro about 74 km, STAGE 1, FARO - TAVIRA - VRSA, about 52 km by N125. STAGE 2, VRSA - CASTRO MARIM - Monte Francisco - Junqueira - Azinhal - direction Odeleite N122, right direction Alcaria EM507, - Foz de Odeleite - along EM507 by Guerreiros do Rio - to Alcoutim about 36 km. STAGE 3, ALCOUTIM - MÉRTOLA, EM507 direction Cortes Pereiras, staight on until N122, turn right direction Santa Marta and continue following N122 until Mértola, by Sedas, Espírito Santo, Álamo until Bombeiros in Mértola, about 36,9 km. STAGE 4, MÉRTOLA - MINA DE SAO DOMINGOS, N265, crossing bridge over Guadiana River, direction Mina de Sao Domingos by Moreanes following N265, until Pensao Sao Domingos, about 17,6 km. STAGE 5, MINA DE SAO DOMINGOS - SERPA, following N265 until Serpa, Camping Municipal or Bombeiros, about 36,3 km, by Montalvo, Vale do Poco, Vales Mortos and Santa Iria. STAGE 6, SERPA - MOURA, leaving Serpa from Bombeiros, direction Moura by N265, until Brinches and after a break by N386 direction Pisoes (Agua Castello) to Moura, about 31,9 km.
AGUA MINERAL CASTELLO DE MOURA, AGUA DO PEREGRINO NO CAMINHO DO ESTE DE PORTUGAL DESDE TAVIRA! STAGE 7, MOURA - MOURAO, leaving Moura by N255 direction Barragem d'Alqueva, after 3,3 km. right direction Póvoa de Sao Miguel by N386. Leaving Póvoa de Sao Miguel direction Mourao by M517, about 34,8 km. STAGE 8, MOURAO - MONSARAZ, leaving Mourao direction Petrolstation, following N256 crossing different bridges over Guadiana River, after about 10 kms right direction Monsaraz, uphill until walls of fortified village (about a total of 15 km). STAGE 9, MONSARAZ - ALANDROAL, leaving Monsaraz to the left downhill direction Telheiro, passing GNR, following M514. After about 5,9 km right direction Alandroal/Motrinos, direction Seixo. After Seixo right direction Terena/Alandroal N255 until Castelo de Alandroal, about 33,4 km. 11th stage: Alandroal – Estremoz 26,4 km N255/EM508-3 12th stage: Estremoz – Sousel – Fronteira 29,3 km N245 13th stage: Fronteira – Crato 28,4 km N245 14th stage: Crato – Nisa 27,3 km N245/N18 15th stage: Nisa – Vila Velha de Rodão 19,4 km N18 16th stage: Vila Velha de Rodão – Castelo Branco 31 km N18 17th stage: Castelo Branco –Lardosa 20,6 km N233 18th stage: Lardosa – Fundão 26,1 km N18-7/N18 19th stage: Fundão – Belmonte 33,7 km N343/N345 20th stage: Belmonte – Guarda 24,1 km N18 21st stage: Guarda – Pinhel 35,6 km N221 22nd stage: Pinhel – Castelo Rodrigo 22 km N221 23rd stage: Castelo Rodrigo – Vila Nova de Foz Côa 32,9 km N332/N222 24th stage: Vila Nova de Foz Côa – Vila Flor 37,6 km N215 25th stage: Vila Flor – Mirandela 25,3 km N213 26th stage: Mirandela – Valpaços 22,6 km N213 27th stage: Valpaços – Chaves 27 km N213 28th stage: Chaves (P) – Verín (E) 25 km or 24,7 km EM506 or EM506/41011 29th stage: Verín – Vilar de Barrio 38,1 km 41021/4113 30th stage: Vilar de Barrio – Ourense 39,2 km or 39,5 km 40110/40102 or 40102 31st stage: Ourense – Cea 23,1 km N525 32nd stage: Cea – Estación de Lalin 28,6 km or 33,5 km N525 or N525- 33rd stage: Estación de Lalin – Puente Ulla 31,9 km or 35,4 km N525 or N525- 34th stage: Puente Ulla – Santiago de Compostela 19,8 km or N525 or 20,3 km N525-

February 2016, changing Stage 3, from Foz de Odeleite to Alcoutim, Pousada de Juventude.

Pilgertisch im Restaurante "Arcos do Guadiana" in Foz de Odeleite, Pilgrims-discount with valid Credencial 2015/2016, also offers shelter for the night(donativo) tel. 00351 281 495 068 / 00351 965 036 540.
About 2.4 km. behind Restaurant "Arcos do Guadiana" there is also "Shelter for the Night" available at "Turismo Rural Paisagem do Guadiana", along the same road direction Alcoutim, Barranco das Pereiras, Monte do Álamo, 8970-012 Alcoutim. Tel. 00351 962 057 524, Email: / Website: / Sra. Guida, ask for Pilgrims-Rates with Valid Credencial. In the Restaurant also meals, breakfast available after reservation, beautiful views over Guadiana River. // 08.08.2016 //

January 2016, changing Stage 2, because closure Hotel in Guerreiros do Rio

Leaving Castro Marim(Baesuris) by N122 direction Monte Francisco, at the first roundabout outside of the Historical Town, a new Statue remembering its Heroic Heritage, just in front of Pastelaria Marcu's, tel.00351 962 953 080.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- **RESTAURANTE "Sabores da Beira", where TERESA is still cooking in Monte Francisco. -Montinho Velho, Monte Francisco, 8950-288 Castro Marim, tel. 00351 281 542 071. -Languages: Portuguese, English, French, German and Spanish. Closed on Tuesdays. -Daily Set Menu for 8€ and Pilgrims-Menu for Pilgrims with Valid Credencial. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- **The new location of Restaurante "Sabores da Beira" in Monte Francisco is only 500 m. away from the former one. -Coming from Spain entering Portugal by Motorway A22 first Exit 18, direction Odeleite - Beja, IC 27. -Coming from VRSA, Castro Marim, EN 122 to Alcoutim - Beja on IC 27 after bridge A22 First left Monte Francisco. -After about 200 m First left entering Monte Francisco, First roundabout left(yellow arrows) until next roundabout, 2! -Second roundabout left uphill, about 200 m to Restaurante "Sabores da Beira", huge own Parking. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
SHELTER FOR THE NIGHT BETWEEN CASTRO MARIM AND ALCOUTIM! **Acogida for single-female Pilgrims, "CHAMBRE PÉLERIN" Gloria, 00351 965 036 540, in Foz de Odeleite with Restaurante "Arcos do Guadiana", 8950-328 Foz de Odeleite(left side behind Busstation), tel. 00351 281 495 068, mob. 965 279 698. *"Guesthouse Paisagem do Guadiana" before Álamo, Rua Barranco das Pereiras, S/N, 8900-012 Àlamo - Alcoutim, Email: , Website: / tel. 00351 969 647 442, 00351 962 057 524. Sra. Guida, English and German speaking. These are the 2 possibilities at the end of Stage 2 after closing of the Hotel in Guerreiros do Rio at the moment! Of course do not forget to ask for "Pilgrims-Rate" at the Guesthouse making a Reservation with a Valid Credencial.

November 2015, Connecting Ayamonte Section to Caminho de Santiago do Este de Portugal, Caminho Tavirense.

Since we receive many requests for Information about "O Caminho de Santiago do Este de Portugal leaving from Tavira" from Spanish Pilgrims, our Board has decided to connect Ayamonte with Vila Real de Santo Antonio(VRSA), so the access is easier to start Walking or Cycling The Way of Saint James leaving from Tavira or VRSA in the Algarve in Portugal. Tourist Offices in Monte Gordo, Ayamonte and at the Guadiana International Road Bridge can inform Future Pilgrims. From December 2015 on there will be Information available around Ayamonte in Spain. *Ferry Ayamonte - Vila Real de Santo António, Transporte Fluvial del Guadiana, Muelle de Portugal, 21400 Ayamonte. tel.nrs 0034 959 470 617, Sr. Juan 0034 652 525 168, Email: / *Iglesia de las Angustias, Parroquia De Nuestra Senhora De Las Angustias, Calle Angustias, 21400 Ayamonte, tel. 0034 959 320 046, *Ayuntamiento de Ayamonte, Plaza de la Laguna, N° 1, Ayamonte - Huelva - Espanha, tel. 0034 959 470 376. ****Parador Nacional Hotel de Ayamonte, Av. de la Constitución, S/N, 21400 Ayamonte - Huelva - Espanha, Email: / Website: / *Bicicletas Recambios Fernàndes Ramos Ayamonte, Av. Antonio Concepción Reboura, N° 30, Muelle 21400 Ayamonte, tel. 0034 959 322 774, Email: / *Estación de Autobuses - Bar Ortiz, Avenida Cayetano Fue, S/N, Ayamonte - Huelva - Espanha, tel. 0034 658 408 721, *Ayamonte "La Casona" Mesón Restaurante, Calle Lusitania, N° 2, 21400 Ayamonte - Huelva - Espanha, tel. 0034 959 321 025, Email: / *Ayamonte Alimentación Orta 1863, Calle Lusitania, N° 8, 21400 Ayamonte - Huelva - Espanha, tel. 0034 959 321 172. Email: / *Traditional Bar Costalero, Sr. Juan, Calle Angustias, N° 3, opposite Angustias Church, 21400 Ayamonte, tel. 0034 647 004 349, *Ayamonte Librería El Estero de la Ribeira,"Gallego", Avenida Andalucía, N° 39, 21400 Ayamonte - Huelva, tel. 0034 959 321 451, *Ayamonte Librería Pallares, Plaza de la Laguna, N° 12, 21400 Ayamonte - Huelva - Espanha, tel. 0034 696 428 684, Email: / *Ayamonte Puesto Guardia Civil, Avenida Cayetano Fue, N° 45, 21400 Ayamonte - Huelva - Espanha, Emergencies 112, Alarm Number 062, Cuartel Ayamonte tel. 0034 959 321 001, Website: / *Ayamonte Policía Local/Municipal, Avenida Alcalde Narciso Martin Navarro, N° 28, 21400 Ayamonte -Huelva, tel. 0034 959 470 092. *Oficina de Turismo de Ayamonte, Calle Huelva, N° 27, 21400 Ayamonte - Huelva - Espanha, tel. 0034 959 320 737, Email: / Website: / *Ponte Internacional do Guadiana Posto de Turismo / Guadiana International Road Bridge Algarve Tourist Office, A22/A49 -Monte Francisco 8950-206 Castro Marim - Portugal, tel. 00351 281 531 800, Email: / **Iter Stellarum, Bom Caminho, Buen Camino.
O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O- ROMERIA DE LA CRUZ 2016, del 29 de Abril al 1 de Mayo, Ayamonte. *Oficina de Turismo de Ayamonte, Email: / Website: / ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***FIESTAS PATRONALES DE LAS ANGUSTIAS 2018 - SETEMBRO 05-06-07-08-09 -*** -------------------------------------------------------------------------

October 2015, Connecting VRSA to Caminho de Santiago do Este de Portugal for Spanish Pilgrims.

Alojamento Local "BAIXA MAR" Vila Real de Santo António, tel. 00351 281 534 511. Ask for Pilgrims-Price, valid Credencial 2015/2016, Quartos c/ banho privativo, Rua Teófilo Braga, N° 1, VRSA, between Guadiana River and Praca Marquês de Pombal. Leaving VRSA direction Castro Marim(Baesuris), Pilgrims pass the new Santo António Statue at the N122-roundabout outside of Vila Real de Santo António behind the Railroad. In Castro Marim Pilgrims coming from Spain can start walking the Second Stage of "O Caminho de Santiago do Este de Portugal desde Tavira, Caminho Tavirense", if they bring a valid Credencial 2015/2016. ***VILA REAL DE SANTO ANTÓNIO*** The border town was founded by Marquis de Pombal in 1774 as a counterpoint to the Andalusian village of Ayamonte on the opposite bank of Guadiana River. The new town was built in five months, is a fine example of town-planning in those days, with its grid-plan streets, whitewashed houses and distinctive roofs. Vila Real has become one of the largest fishing and commercial ports along Guadiana River and in the Algarve. Between 1850 and 1970 VRSA was a considerable fish-canning center. Yachts for export are also built here. The connection with Spain is provided by a ferry service and, since 1991, a bridge over Guadiana River. Vila Real de Santo António is popular with the Spanish who cross over to buy cotton goods, souvenirs, etc. *SIGHTS* PRACA DO MARQUÊS DE POMBAL; This is the main square in the center of the Pombaline Quarter, on the north side Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Encarnacao(XVIII). The Square is surrounded with orange trees and paved with black and white mosaic radiating the central Obelisk. Pedestrian streets around the square are lined with shops selling cotton goods, souvenirs etc. THE BANKS OF GUADIANA RIVER; Hotels, Guesthouses, Cafés, Restaurants on both sides of Guadiana River. The white houses of Ayamonte can be clearly seen from the beautiful gardens along the river in Vila Real de Santo António.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ***ARRIVING IN VILA REAL DE SANTO ANTÓNIO(VRSA) COMING BY FERRY FROM AYAMONTE - SPAIN.*** *Ferry from Spain - Ayamonte: Transporte Fluvial del Guadiana SL., Muelle de Portugal s/n, 21400 Ayamonte - Huelva, Email: tfguadiana@gmail., tel. 0034 959 470 617, Website: *Ferry in Vila Real de Santo António: Empresa de Transporte do Rio Guadiana, Lda., Avenida da República, N° 115, 8900- VRSA, tel. 00351 281 543 152, Fax. 00351 281 543 152, Email: *Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora da Encarnacao(XVIIIs.), de VRSA., Padre Angostinho Pinto available for CARIMBOS in Church, tel. 00351 281 957 749, Praca do Marquês de Pombal, Vila Real de Santo António. *Câmara Municipal de Vila Real de Santo António, Praca Marquês de Pombal, 8900- VRSA, tel. 00351 281 510 000, CARIMBO?, Email: / Website: / *Junta Freguesia de Vila Real de Santo António(VRSA.), Rua General Humberto Delgado, N° 53, 8900-311 VRSA., tel. 00351 281 513 817, Fax. 00351 281 543 178, Email: / *Alojamento Local/Residência BAIXA MAR VRSA, Casa de Acogida, Rua Dr. Teófilo Braga, N° 1, 8900- VRSA., tel. 00351 281 543 511, Mob. 00351 918 433 923, Email: / *Casa A Centenária, Gift- and Souvenir Shop, Avenida da República, N° 101 - 102, 8900- Vila Real de Santo António, closed on Sundays, Opposite of Ferry, tel. 00351 281 543 822 / *Pasteleria Delícia - La Manuela - , opposite of Ferry to the right direction Castro Marim, Avenida da República, Loja 21, 8900- Vila Real de Santo António. Early open for Sandwiches and Coffee in the morning. //15.05.2017.// ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ***ARRIVING FROM SPAIN IN VILA REAL DE SANTO ANTÓNIO BY FERRY FROM AYAMONTE FOR PILGRIMMING CAMINHO TAVIRENSE.*** Starting on Sunday early, means that you have to sleep in VRSA, because on Sunday the Ferry does not function before midday, which gives you the possibility to discover VRSA Saturday-evening. Maybe Holy Mass Saturday or Sunday in Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora da Encarnacao at beautiful Praca Marquês de Pombal-Square, passing A.L./Residência BAIXA MAR VRSA, special Pilgrims-rate for Pilgrims with a Valid New Credencial of our Association (2 €), which can be requested by Email and can be delivered either in Ayamonte or VRSA on appointment, and stamped! *Starting your Caminho from VRSA, means that you need to contact the Association in Tavira to receive the last actual information, Credencial and/or Carimbo/Stamp. *Pilgrimming means respecting the rules of Caminho de Santiago, European Traffic Regulation and Private Property always, and also remember our request to KEEP OUR CAMINHO CLEAN AND GREEN. *Walking "The Way" on foot always on the left side of the road faciing up-coming traffic if possible, and cycling, one behind one, on the right side of the road following traffic. If you have to stop, get at once off the road, so groups can not be an obstacle/danger for others or themselves. *In VRSA starting from the Church, Praca Marquês de Pombal, Câmara Municipal, passing by Residênsia Baixa Mar A.L., turn left (facing Guadiana River), following Avenida da República until roundabout "Docapesca" and turn left, following the Railroad on your left side passing behind "Estacao CP - Comboios de Portugal", and a cycling path on your right side until the next Roundabout (Santo António is on holidays since a week?), turn right direction Castro Marim, footpath on the left along N122 from KM 123 until km 121 (left side), reaching Castro Marim, where keep on the old-N122-road until you reach Igreja Matriz, Castelo and leaving Castro Marim again direction North passing by roundabout "Cavaleiros" along N122, direction Monte Francisco, behind Motorway-bridge A-22, signalised with "setas", yellow arrows. Cyclists leaving VRSA stay of course, one behind one, on the right side of the road, following direction of traffic! *In Castro Marim Pilgrims arrive again on the original Route, Stage 2 do Caminho do Este de Portugal desde Tavira, Caminho Tavirense, finishing in Foz de Odeleite at Restaurante "Arcos do Guadiana", about 25,5 km, or 2,5 km further in Monte do Álamo, at T.R. Paisagem do Guadiana. // 25.05.2017. // *