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Caminho do Este de Portugal (Tavira - Santiago de Compostela)

Tavira-Baesuris-Alcoutim-Mértola-Serpa-Moura-Monsaraz-Estremoz-Fronteira-Crato-Nisa-Castelo Branco-Castelo Rodrigo-Mirandela-Chaves-Verín-Ourense-Cea-Estación de Lalin-Puente Ulla-Santiago de Compostela.

This Caminho is for pilgrims on foot,by bicycle,on horseback,by motorcycle or by car.

Bom Caminho!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2019 - 2nd part Stage 12, Estremoz by Sousel to Fronteira, about 31.

***2019 - *Helli Gruppe, Baden Deutschland, Erste Woche April, Alentejo und Beira Region, 7 Tage/ 7 Etappen, Internet-Führung, 1 Tag im voraus.* Fronteira, second part of 12th stage, Estremoz - Fronteira. Estremoz - Sousel 19 km., and Sousel - Fronteira 10,3 km. Following N245 direction Fronteira by famous battlefield Atoleiros (1384). Vila bem alentejana, preservada e orgulhosa do seu passado, mantém um rico património histórico e natural. Carimbos (stamps) Posto de Turismo de Fronteira 00351 245 604 023, Biblioteca Municipal de Fronteira 00351 245 600 070, Camara Municipal de Fronteira 00351 245 600 070.

Monday, December 15, 2014

2019 - First part Stage 12, Estremoz by Sousel to Fronteira, about 31 km.

***2019 - 12th Stage 1st part, Estremoz - Sta. Vitória - Sousel - Fronteira, about 29,3 to 31 km.*** *Helli Gruppe, Baden Deutschland, Erste Woche April, Alentejo und Beira Region, 7 Tage/ 7 Etappen, Internet-Führung, 1 Tag im voraus.* -Leaving Estremoz direction Sta. Vitória along N-245, further to Sousel about 8 km, orienting on N-245, and about 13 km more to end the Stage in Fronteira, after about 29,3 to 31 km. -Entering Sousel on the right side Posto de Turismo in Sousel, tel. 00351 268 558 027 or 00351 268 551 210. / *Espaco-Internet Email: / *Pousada de Sousel Sao Miguel tel. 00351 268 550 050 / *Albergaria A Galinhola Sousel, 00351 268 554 644, Rua Fonte do Concelho - Sousel, / *Rest. A Cacarola, Sousel - Avenida 25 de Abril, tel. 00351 268 554 777. / -Leaving Estremoz from high part Bairro de Santiago, Castelo downhill direction Sousel, roundabout straight on N 245 by Santa Vítoria do Ameixal(10km,Monument), about 7 km before Sousel attention dangerous bends, further to Sousel(total of 8km), and from Sousel another 13kms by N245 to Fronteira. -Places to visit in Fronteira: -Igreja Matriz, -Ponte Romano, -Observatório Astronómico, -Terreiro da Batalha dos Atoleiros-Museu. *Turismo Fronteira 00351 245 600 070, / Museum Heróis Atoleiros? *Bombeiros Fronteira 00351 245 604 500 / *GNR Posto Fronteira 00351 245 604 135 / *Espaco Internet - Biblioteca Municipal 00351 245 600 076 / *Residencial A Estalagem Fronteira 00351 245 604 480 - Largo do Senado, N° 1, / *Pensao Central Fronteira 00351 245 604 212 - Rua da Lagoa, / *Rest. Fonte Nova Fronteira - 00351 245 604 256 - *Estrada Nacional 245 / Piscinas Bar Fronteira - Snacks - near Museum Heróis Atoleiros! -------------------------------------------------------------- *2014 - Sousel, stage 12, Estremoz - Fronteira. Sousel, in the transitional area between Central and Northern Alentejo, is remarkable for the diversity of its landscape and for its rich religious, historic and cultural heritage. As most of the region is covered by either olive groves or hunting grounds, the roots of Sousel are primordially connected to olive oil and hunting and, in return, there resources are two of its main tourist attractions. But Sousel has more to offer. Around the old towns and villages that flourished under the influence of the Military Order of Avis and once belonged to the House of Braganza, you´ll come across an important religious heritage, with rich interiors and the traditional yellow stripes around the buildings. Sousel´s local cuisine, included in the Alentejo wines and flavours route, using ingredients such as olive oil, smoked sausages, game, cheeses and wine, is also unmissable. With enduring religious and bullfighting traditions (one of the country´s oldest bullrings is in Sousel) and strong bonds with the land, you simply must visit this municipality. Tourist Office Sousel, 00351 268 550 100. -------------------------------------------------------------
------------------------------------------------------------- *2008/2009/2010// - leaving Estremoz direction Sta. Vitória do Ameixial(Monument left side N-245) 10 km, continue by N-245 direction Sousel(more 8 km.), and 11 km more further direction Fronteira along N-245, about 29,3 km to end 12th Stage.*

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Estremoz, Cidade branca e amuralhada.

Approached from the south, the old town appears perched on a hill overlooking the bright whitewashed houses of the modern town below. Estremoz, standing in a region of marble quarries, is a pleasant city, still possessing its 17th Century ramparts and dominated by its medieval castle. It is, and has been since the 16th Century, a well-known centre for Alentejo pottery which can be seen picturesquely displayed on the Rossio (main square) on market days (Saturdays). Estremoz is dominated by the hilltop keep of its royal palace, rebuilt by Joao V after an explosion in 1698. Isabel, the "Rainha Santa", wife of Dom Dinis, died in the former palace in 1336. The Count of Ourém, while entertained here in 1380 when finalizing secret negotiations between Richard II and Dom Fernando, contrived to make Dona Leonor, Fernando´s not-so-saintly queen, pregnant. ------------------------------------------------------------ **STATUE OF QUEEN SAINT ELIZABETH OF PORTUGAL** Statue dedicated to Elizabeth of Aragon, wife of King Dom Dinis, to whom various miracles are attributed. //12.11.2016.// ------------------------------------------------------------

Monday, November 10, 2014

ETAPA 11 Caminho de Santiago do Este de Portugal/Oriental desde Tavira/Algarve - BORBA.

**BORBA on the 11th Stage of "O Caminho de Santiago do Este de Portugal/Oriental desde Tavira/Algarve", between Alandroal and Estremoz over a distance of about 26,4 km, since XIV/1988/1996/2009/2017.** ------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Borba is one of the great marble towns, it is also the place for buying antiques, there is a castle, the Fonte das Bicas, and a number of fine, ornately carved passos (portals) and in the middle of town is the extraordinary chequered facade of the chapel next to the Convento das Servas but it would be unusual for any of these sights to immediately spring to mind if you mentioned to word "Borba" to the Portuguese. To them the word triggers a vision of nothing but tanks, barrels and bottles of robust, strong, dark red wine which is the product of the vast buildings of the adegas in the heart of town. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ***BORBA*** A fama desta vila, vizinha de Estremoz, vem das pedreiras de mármore branco e das vinhas, umas e outras exploradas com sucesso desde tempos imemoriais. O Chafariz das Três Bicas e a Igreja das Servas sao locais de referência. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Vila Vicosa

Vila Vicosa has many major sights but its main attraction is that it is the most beautiful of the marble towns to walk around. The buildings are elegant, the windows and doorways tastefully framed with weather-worn marble cantarias and at first-floor height there are often arched arcades and wrought iron balconies. The doors all have their odd knocker; some a simple hand holding a ball, others as intricate as a brace of duck dangling a tortoise. The name Val Vicosa - meaning verdant valley - was given to the town after the reconquest in 1270 under Afonso III. André de Resende, a 16th century Portuguese historian, referred to the town as Calipole (Greek for "good city") and the local people are still known as Calipolense.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

2019 - 11th Stage Alandroal - Vila Vicosa - Borba - Barro Branco - by Glória - Mártires to Estremoz, about 26,4 km.

***2019 - 11th Stage, from Alandroal 8,5 km to Vila Vicosa(Break/Visit), following 5 km N-255 to Borba(Break/Visit), over the hill by Barro Branco, Nora, passing Glória and Mártires, to enter Estremoz after about 26,4 km.*** *Hanssen-Gruppe Straßbourg France, 1 Woche Caminho Alentejo um Pfingsten mit Jean-Pierre, 7 Tage/7 Etappen* -Stage between Alandroal and Estremoz, about 26,4 km by N255( pay attention interrupted, accident between Vila Vicosa and Borba, 5 victims), from Borba direction Barro Branco uphill, and after roundabout by "Corktree-Forest" direction Gloria and further to Estremoz. ----------------------------------------------------------------- *Vila Vicosa, former Capital of Portugal, former Royal Palace, Turismo 00351 268 889 317, opposite Hospederia Dom Carlos 00351 268 980 318, ask for Pilgrims-Rate with Valid Credencial, ask at Turismo about traffic-changes because of accident N 255? *Borba Posto de Turismo at Câmara Municipal, 00351 268 891 630, Sara Jacques speaks English, ask about route over mountain to Barro Branco and by forest downhill by Gloria to Estremoz. *In spectacular Estremoz, Sra Leopoldina at Posto de Turismo, Central Square very helpful, 00351 268 339 227, *Bombeiros Voluntários tel. 00351 268 337 360, *Pensao "O Gadanha" Estremoz, Largo Gen. Graca, N° 56, 00351 268 339 110, *Rest. Adega do Isaías, Estremoz, Pilgrims-menu €15,00?, 00351 268 322 318. Must Visit:- Museu da Caca, Castelo Vila Vicosa, - Museu do Mármore, Marble Museum, Vila Vicosa, -Paco Ducal, Royal Palace, Vila Vicosa, - Adega Cooperativa de Borba in Borba, - Museu Municipal de Estremoz Professor Joaquim Vermelho in Estremoz. ----------------------------------------------------------------- -The name Alandroal comes from the numerous Oleanders (Alandros), which used to exist around the Spring called Mestre after the Master of Aviz. It is a quiet town, who´s greatest asset is unseen, but it lies 30 meters below the crust of the earth on which it is build. The Dukes of Braganca used to arrange bullock carts to bring Alandroal water to Vila Vicosa. Some years ago french hydrologists tried to find the depth of the aquifer but gave up after 200 meters. Castle 1249 and parish church of Nossa Senhora da Conceicao. The fortifications of the Castle are worth a climb for good views over the roofs of the town and the surrounding countryside. -----------------------------------------------------------------
/ 2010 /

2019 - 2018 - Terena - 2nd Part of Stage 10 - Monsaraz to Alandroal - about 33,4 km.

*** There has been a settlement here since before the Romans. It was occupied by the Moors from whom it was taken 1231, during D. Sancho´s reign. It was fortified by D. Dinis. It was further fortified under D. Joao I in the 14th Century. The Castle can be visited. Julius Caesar and his soldiers came to Terena in 63 B.C. ----------------------------------------------------------------

2019 - 2018 - Seixo - part of Stage 10 - Monsaraz to Alandroal - about 33,4 km.

*** Leaving Monsaraz left direction Telheiro, passing GNR, following M514. After 5,9 km right direction Alandroal/Barrada Motrinos, direction Seixo. / 2018 / ---------------------------------------------------------------------
--------------------------------------------------------------------- Arriving in Seixo, at t-crossing right direction Terena/Alandroal N255. ---------------------------------------------------------------------