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Caminho do Este de Portugal (Tavira - Santiago de Compostela)

Tavira-Baesuris-Alcoutim-Mértola-Serpa-Moura-Monsaraz-Estremoz-Fronteira-Crato-Nisa-Castelo Branco-Castelo Rodrigo-Mirandela-Chaves-Verín-Ourense-Cea-Estación de Lalin-Puente Ulla-Santiago de Compostela.

This Caminho is for pilgrims on foot,by bicycle,on horseback,by motorcycle or by car.

Bom Caminho!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

What has become of the 6 Pilgrimage-Routes from the Algarve to Santiago de Compostela

*Preparing Reopening "O Caminho do Este de Portugal/Oriental desde Tavira" in January 2010,volunteers of our Association(A.C.E.P.) came since 1996 across 6 main Routes starting from the Algarve(South) to the North of Portugal, entering Galicia direction Santiago de Compostela, to the Cathedral with the Tomb of Santiago Apóstol. *Main entrances from Portugal to Galicia, from East to West are Chaves-Verín, Valénca-Tui and Caminha-Mougás, and further North to Santiago de Compostela. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***ATTENTION + SUMMER 2017, ALGARVE AND PORTUGAL FULLY BOOKED, please do not come without confirmed RESERVATIONS! *** + Because of ongoing high temperatures we can only advise starting in the North of Portugal along the Atlantic - Coast, either from Viana do Castelo or Ponte de Lima, where the local Associations can help Pilgrims with their Credencials, Carimbos(stamps 2 per day) and Information about Shelter for the night and the need to make Reservations yes or no, before entering Galicia? + We advise to make reservations if possible always one day ahaed in Portugal. + AACS-Viana, Email: / tel. 00351 968 523 593 / + Ponte de Lima - Asso. Email: / tel. 00351 258 900 600 / Website: / ------------------------------------------------------------------------- **WE ADVISE FUTURE PILGRIMS LEAVING FROM TAVIRA OR THE ALGARVE TO START THEIR CAMINHO AFTER SUMMER, AFTER OCTOBER 1st, and last start next year before MAY 1st to arrive in Santiago de Compostela before June 10th. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- **6 Main Routes from the Algarve(South-Coast of Portugal)to Santiago de Compostela through the Ages(XIII-XIV). * From East to West along the Algarve Pilgrims started from Tavira, Faro, Albufeira, Portimao, Lagos and Sagres. From Albufeira(Central Algarve) Pilgrims walked to the right direction Faro(2), Tavira(3) and Castro Marim(1755) or to VRSA (1774), to sail up Guadiana River until Alcoutim or Mértola, looking for protection from Castles along the Coast or along the border to Castille/Spain, and from there north through the Oriental Provinces of Portugal by Monsaraz, Estremoz, Castelo Branco, Guarda, Foz Côa and Chaves before entering Galicia in Verín, and by Ourense to Santiago de Compostela. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * From Albufeira (Central Algarve) also many Pilgrims decided to start their Caminho walking direction West, following the Atlantic-Algarve Coast by Portimao, by Lagos or even by Sagres and further to the north along the West- Coast, looking for protection from the Castles along the West-Coast of Portugal, north by Aljezur, Santiago do Cacém, Grândola, Alcácer do Sal, Palmela, Lisbon, Porto and entering Galicia/Spain either in Chaves-Verín, Valénca or Tui, to end the Caminho in Santiago de Compostela, at the Cathedral with the Tomb of Apostle Santiago. //26.05.2017.// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I - Western Route, following the West-Coast of the Algarve, Sagres/Cabo S.Vicente to Caminha, at the Galician border, and futher direction Santiago de Compostela. - Starting from Cabo Sao Vicente, Sagres, orientation on N268, Vila do Bispo, Carrapateira/Bordeira, Alfambras and from there on, orientation on N120, direction Aljezur. - After Aljezur north by Rogil, entering Alentejo passing Odeixe, staying near the coast if possible, Odemira, Santiago do Cacém, Grândola, (Hospital)Alcácer do Sal, Palmela, Almada, Lisboa. *Our advise in Summer, fly to Porto and start your Way from either Viana do Castelo or Ponte de Lima, where the Local Associations, registered in Santiago, can help with Information, Carimbos and Credencials. Bom Caminho. **Bring Valid Credencial from 1 of 13 Portuguese Associations(Ponte de Lima, Viana do Castelo or Tavira), Roadmap of Portugal and Galicia, sufficient Pocket-money, good Physical Condition and Faith in God. Bom Caminho. //03.06,17 // -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- II - Starting from Lagos and connecting to Western Route after Alfambras. Leaving Lagos direction Alfambras keep an eye on N120 for orientation, passing by Portelas, Bensafrim, Espinhaco de Cao, to reach after about 24 km Alfambras. From here right direction about 7 km to Aljezur, connecting to I - Western Route north, as above! * Same Summer advise! **Bring necessities as above! //04.06.2017 // -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- III - Starting from Portimao I, by Serra de Monchique. Leaving Portimao direction Monchique, orientation on N124 after crossing N-125, passing by Camping continue direction Monchique(under Motorway A-22) until Porto de Lagos about 10 km. - From here continue direction Monchique, orient on N-266 and passing by Caldas de Monchique, Meia Viana and further to Monchique (about 15 km from Porto de Lagos). - From Monchique direction North-West, direction Foz do Farelo (12 km), direction Foz de Arroio (4 km), straight on for about 3 km, near "frontier Alentejo" left for about 13 km, until Maria Vinagre, and from there another 5 km right along N-120 to Odeceixe, a total of about 38 kms. // 06.06.2017 // -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IV - Starting from Portimao II, crossing Bridge Rio Arade direction Estômbar, by Parchal, Calvário until Igreja de Sao Tiago, and continue to Lagoa crossing EN-125!!!!!. At the other side of EN-125 in Lagoa, Rua Ernesto Cabrita passing Câmara, Largo Miguel Bombarda to Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Luz em Lagoa. By Rua Joaquim Eugénio Júdice leaving Lagoa direction Silves, for orientation eye-contact always on EN 124-1, using Ponte Velha. 27.06.

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