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Caminho do Este de Portugal (Tavira - Santiago de Compostela)

Tavira-Baesuris-Alcoutim-Mértola-Serpa-Moura-Monsaraz-Estremoz-Fronteira-Crato-Nisa-Castelo Branco-Castelo Rodrigo-Mirandela-Chaves-Verín-Ourense-Cea-Estación de Lalin-Puente Ulla-Santiago de Compostela.

This Caminho is for pilgrims on foot,by bicycle,on horseback,by motorcycle or by car.

Bom Caminho!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Arriving in Santiago de Compostela after the Long Walk, what to do, Pilgrims Rituals of the Camino.

Arriving in Santiago de Compostela after the long Walk, what to do, Pilgrims Rituals of the Camino. “Placer tras el gran esfuerzo”. From far one can see the Cathedral, so waymarking is not so important anymore in the last km. You can enter the Historical Center by Porta do Caminho, Plaza de Cervantes and Plaza da Inmaculada to reach the Cathedral, or from the other side by Plaza do Toural, Rua do Vilar (Turismo), Rua do Franco, to Plaza do Obradoiro with the magnificent baroque façade of the Cathedral with its impressive staircases and towers. Make time for fotographes and greeting family and friends (fans), and if you arrive early go to Pilgrims Mass at noon, Misa del Peregrino in the Cathedral. PILGRIMS RITUALS IN SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA: *Photos at km 0, *Go up the stairs to enter the Cathedral by Portico de Gloria, and pass by the Tree of Jesse, *Place your hand within the fingers of the column with David’s Image and thank or pray for the Apostle´s protection on the Way, *Touch three times Santo dos Croques’s head and ask for talent, intelligence and virtue, *Proceed to the Apostle’s statue(backside Main Altar), embrace Saint James (Santiago) from behind and talk to him as a friend, *Downstairs in the Crypt you find Santiago’s silver Tomb and say your prayers, *Daily Pilgrims Mass at 12 Midday, *Get your Last Stamp at the “Oficina del Peregrino” in Rua das Carretas, N° 33, and apply your “Compostela” if you have completed more as 100 kms on foot (2 Carimbos per day) and/ or more than 200 kms by bicycle (2 Carimbos per day), *After receiving Last Stamp and Compostela, rest, eat and drink, enjoy Santiago de Compostela, and prepare returning home after your CAMINHO DE SANTIAGO, ULTREIA!
**Postcard sent by B.I. from Stockholm-Sweden. //06.06.2015.//


  1. Pretendo fazer o caminho de Santiago a partir de Tavira (Portugal). Pretendo saber se existem link que mencionem o assunto (etapas, altimetria, albergues, etc.)

    1. Dear Mr. Arlindo Parra, this morning one of our Volunteers has been waiting for you at the Pousada de Juventude Tavira between 10 and 11a.m., but you did not show up and did not cancel the appointment.
      So if you like correct information about "O Caminho de Santiago do Este de Portugal desde Tavira", send us an Email: /. To your Email our Association can send then basic info about our Way through Eastern Provinces of Portugal/Oriental to Chaves and entering Spain in Verín, and by Ourense to Santiago de Compostela. If you have specific questions please include them in your Email.
      Good luck with your preparations. Bom Caminho.

  2. Sr. Arlindo Parra, sexta 09.09.16. as 10h. Pousada de Juventude de Tavira, si no 00351 919 528 654, entre 14 e 16h. boa noite.