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Caminho do Este de Portugal (Tavira - Santiago de Compostela)

Tavira-Baesuris-Alcoutim-Mértola-Serpa-Moura-Monsaraz-Estremoz-Fronteira-Crato-Nisa-Castelo Branco-Castelo Rodrigo-Mirandela-Chaves-Verín-Ourense-Cea-Estación de Lalin-Puente Ulla-Santiago de Compostela.

This Caminho is for pilgrims on foot,by bicycle,on horseback,by motorcycle or by car.

Bom Caminho!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

2019 - 09th Stage between Mourao and Monsaraz, about 15 km.

***2019 - 2008 - Monsaraz on the Caminho de Santiago do Este de Portugal/Oriental desde Tavira-Algarve.*** *Hanssen-Gruppe Straßbourg Frankreich - 1 Woche Caminho Alentejo um Pfingsten mit Jean-Pierre, 7 Tage/7 Etappen. --------------------------------------------------------------- *Places to visit in Monsaraz, Maravilha de Portugal: - Igreja de Santiago, Rua de Santiago, Monsaraz, - Castelo de Monsaraz(Castle of Monsaraz), - Rocha dos Namorados, - Pottery from "Olaria Mufla", Rua dos Celeiros, N° 8, Monsaraz, ------------------------Route from Mourao to Monsaraz: -Leaving Mourao direction Petrolstation, following N-256 crossing different bridges over Guadiana River. After Alqueva Lake first Road right to Monsaraz by M514 UPHILL for about 5kms until roundabout on top, continuing entering into Monsaraz, after about 15kms from Mourao, look back and enjoy the spectacular view! --------------------------------------------------------------- *Posto de Turismo de Monsaraz, Rua Direita(Vina?), tel. 00351 266 557 136 ? Carimbos? / *sleeping at Bombeiros Reguengos de Monsaraz, 00351 266 502 228, / *Residencial "O Gato" Reguengos de Monsaraz, Email:, tel. 00351 266 502 353 / -in Monsaraz shops, Restaurants and Hostels, info at Posto de Turismo de Monsaraz, ---------------------------------------------------------------
--------------------------------------------------------------- Monsaraz, occupied strategic position overlooking the Guadiana Valley. The Castle was rebuild by King Dinis in the 13th Century. Outstanding site. Igreja Matriz, Hospital da Misericórdia. Magnificent panorama. --------------------------------------------------------------- ***2017 MONSARAZ - REGUENGOS DE MONSARAZ, ALDEIA MONUMENTO - FINALISTA 7 MARAVILHAS DE PORTUGAL - ALDEIAS.*** +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


  1. The old fortified village of Monsaraz occupies a strategic
    position on an outstanding site, a height above Guadiana
    River, on the border of Portugal and Spain. When it lost its military role it also lost its impotance in favour of Reguengos de Monsaraz. Because of this the town has retained much of its historic character. Turismo Monsaraz, Maria and Manuel, 00351 927 997 316, GNR Telheiro 00351 266 557 151, Bombeiros 00351 266 502 228, Camara 00351 266 508 041.

  2. Rua Direite Monsaraz. The street retains all its charm as it is still lined with 16th and 17th Century white-washed houses, many flanked by outside staircases and balconies with wrought iron grilles. All the village monuments may be seen in this street which leads to the castle.
    Igreja Matriz Monsaraz. The parish church contains the 14th Century tomb of Tomás Martins on which are carved figures in a funeral procession (monks and knights led by a priest), and, at the foot, falcons at the hunt.Opposite of Santiago Church, Rest."Casa Modesta", 00351 965 800 118, ask for Pilgrims-menu.

  3. Monsaraz, c' est le seul piton Rocheux de toute la région, au fin fond du Portugal et de l' Espagne. Comment vouliez-vous qu' on n'y construisît pas une ville fortifiée, naturellement dépassée un jour par les nouvelles technologies guerriéres, et depuis....oubliée? Réservez-lui un coucher de soleil.
    Nous vous conseillons même d'y passer la nuit, car la vieille citadelle repartis. Les lève-tôt seront vraiment récompensées!
    Quelques possibilités de balades en empruntant les chemins alentour, dont ceux qui descendent de la colline en direction de Telheiro (belle fontaine du debut XVIIIe siècle dont l'eau est d'une grande pureté).
    Rest. Sabores de Monsaraz, 00351 969 217 800, Casa Dona Antónia, 00351 266 557 142, Casa Pinto Monsaraz, 00351 266 557 076, Tourisme Monsaraz, 00351 927 997 316.

  4. Monsaraz. About 16 km northeast of Reguengos is the delightful walled town of Monsaraz, so small it can easily be explored on foot - leave your car at the gate.
    It was originally fortified by the Knights Templar, when the Moors were the enemy. Later, its proximity to the Spanish border combined with its height made it of great strategic importance.
    Once the threat from Spain had passed, however, Reguengos became gradually more influential and Monsaraz less so, which helped it become the relaxed and peaceful village it is today.
    Its main street, Rua Direita, is all 16th- and 17th-Century architecture, yet the town still maintains a distinctly medieval atmosphere.
    Casa Santo Condestável TER/CC Monsaraz, 00351 266 557 181, Taverna Os Templários Restaurant Monsaraz, 00351 266 557 166, Restaurant Sem Fim Telheiro, 00351 266 557 471.